A journal of Food Adventures
by writer/photographer Julie Ann Fineman
and writer Lee Glenn

About Lee Glenn

"If you come to a fork in the road, take it"

   - Yogi Berra
My fork in the road, a compelling, talented and committed writer and photographer named Julie Brothers. The path, a path to an education in sustainability, earth science & agricultural practice, including connectivity to the dynamic personal forces involved.
As a practicing Architect for 30 years, with design work both intimate & at the largest public scale, the time for this exploration didn't exist.  Joining the Farm Fork Life effort has opened that door...a door to learning, personal development & the use of a long-neglected degree in English/Rhetoric.
In short these stories are an effort to chronicle, document & share the theories & practices changing our relationship to food & drink & the earth that provides it. It's an ongoing exploration taking place across the country & leading to unexpected places, people & ideas. We hope you share our journey & are enriched by the experience.